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By 2030, more than 21 million new jobs will be created. Within a decade, you could be working as a Digital Store Sherpa - or even a Personal Memory Curator.

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Your future lies in Cognition

You have excellent reasoning and analytical skills and are likely to be highly intelligent. Here are some future roles you could consider.

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AI Business Development Manager

An Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager works with sales and marketing teams to ensure that customers understand which AI products and services could best help their businesses. A quick-thinking, strategic mind is a key characteristic.

Skills: Growth, Product, Strategy

Genomic Portfolio Director

With advances in DNA analysis and genome editing technology, new drugs are being manufactured at unprecedented rates. A Genomic Portfolio Director ensures that new products fit customers’ health needs. A passion for health is crucial.

Skills: Marketing/communications, Growth, Leadership

Human-Machine Teaming Manager

A Human-Machine Teaming Manager creates augmented hybrid teams that combine the strengths of robots with the strengths of humans. They focus on managing “colleague” collaboration and relations. Strong communication, empathy and people skills needed.

Skills: Teamwork, Analytics, Interpersonal
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Your future lies in Creativity

You have an excellent imagination and love working with original ideas to create new material. Here are some future roles you could consider.

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Virtual Store Sherpa

The Store Sherpa delivers instant, virtual customer service and advice on products online. Virtual Store Sherpas use augmented reality to complement their friendly, efficient service. Excellent conversational skills and a keen attention to detail are important.

Skills: Marketing/communications, Interpersonal, Attention to detail

Augmented Reality Journey Builder

Journey Builders design, write, create, gamify and personalise the next generation of stories and in-the-moment vignettes for clients’ augmented reality trips. With a strong imagination, they are the successors to playwrights and composers.

Skills: Marketing/communications, Product, Storytelling

Personal Memory Curator

As life expectancy extends, Personal Memory Curators remake past experiences for those facing memory loss. Curated experiences simulate a client’s presence in a previous familiar environment. A supportive, empathetic character is crucial.

Skills: Marketing/communications, Interpersonal, Creativity
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Your future lies in Mixing your Skills

You have strong technical skills, understand what motivates others and have a creative mind. Here are some future roles you could consider.

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Financial Wellness Coach

With the increase in digital banking, cryptocurrency payments and micro-lending, money leakage is abundant. Financial Wellness Coaches ensure that customers learn how to keep their finances healthy. A passion for motivating people is crucial.

Skills: Analytics, Interpersonal, Finance

Chief Trust Officer

Businesses are expected to prove their financial integrity in a hyper transparent world. The Chief Trust Officer combines the financial acumen to deal with blockchain-enabled currencies with PR expertise. Officers have strong business, financial and technical skills.

Skills: Marketing/communications, Interpersonal, Finance

Data Detective

A Data Detective explores the mysteries in our big data. Ultimately, they find meaningful business answers and informed recommendations from their thorough investigations. Curiosity, relentlessness, resilience and diplomacy are key characteristics.

Skills: Analytics, Strategy, Data science
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Your future lies in Connecting with People

You love people: you forge strong connections, are a good listener and are empathetic. Here are some future roles you could consider.

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Fitness Commitment Counsellor

Fitness Counsellors provide one-to-one remote coaching and counselling sessions to improve wellness. They help clients with fitness hacks, including personalised learning exercises. Counsellors are empathetic and connect easily with clients.

Skills: Strategy, Teamwork, Interpersonal

Walker / Talker

One of the most precious resources in our time-constrained world is attention. Walker / Talkers offer companionship for the elderly, visiting their homes, or walking with those who are mobile. Understanding, patience and listening skills are important qualities.

Skills: Interpersonal, Listening, Marketing/communications

Ethical Sourcing Manager

Responsible for their company’s ethical spending in areas such as energy, waste and community sponsorship. They carry out the ethical mandate of the company and track the integrity of suppliers. Successful managers have good understanding of supply chains.

Skills: Strategy, Growth, Innovation
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Your future lies in Technology

You love technology and have a logical brain that enjoys understanding how systems work. Here are some future roles you could consider.

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Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

By combining quantum information processing with machine learning, Quantum Machine Learning Analysts research and develop next-generation business solutions to real world problems, rapidly. Experience in a fast-paced environment is key.

Skills: Strategy, Product, Analytics

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

Affordable healthcare will be reimagined with AI-enhanced healthcare practitioners, who offer in-depth patient care. They examine, diagnose and prescribe with the help of digital diagnosis tools and remote doctors. A caring personality is crucial.

Skills: Product, Interpersonal, Teamwork

Cyber City Analyst

Modern cities rely on steady data flow so that key services, from waste collection to ambulances, are responsive to people’s needs. Analysts are responsible for city security. They carry out repairs when data flows are flagged. A logical mind is important.

Skills: Strategy, Product, Analytics

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